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Mommy’s TLC @ VAT Inc

Mommy’s TLC or Thoughtful and Loving Card was another event in VAT Inc as we celebrated Mother’s Day. Frances’ group was the organizer of the activities for this month and Mommy’s TLC was the first on the list. How happy to know that they organize such activity to value every mothers.

The mechanics of this contest: each team must design a Mother’s Day card representing the theme and their team’s name. There should be a cover design but may or may not have any design on the inside of the card. As with any other Hallmark card, there is always a messageon the inside. Each team member must write a poetic line or sentence, which will be continued by the rest of the team. Writing the message will take place only on the day of submission (May 14th) and the entire message must have one cohesive thought. It may be humorous, romantic, serious, or however your team would like to create the message just as long as it still relates to the theme.

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The words used in computer terms are really different to the common terms. We combined most of the terms creating a new meaning from it. We get the first syllable and pair it with the next word syllable. I have here the list of some terms which we usually utter taken from some reliable sources..

Computer Terms

Technophobia – (TECHNOlogy PHOBIA) is the fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers.

Netiquette – (NETwork etIQUETTE) a portmanteau of “network etiquette”, is a set of social conventions that facilitate interaction over networks, ranging from Usenet and mailing lists to blogs and forums.

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First Client Call

Go for High Tech

The present modern world use  important words in defining something which is high tech. Computerized …. Automated…. Electronic… Digital.

But what is the common between these words?human touch The answer… All of them Go for High Tech… Are you one of them???

Computerized is the world usually used by common individuals.  If we used this word the meaning goes directly to the machine. This is a human touchresemblance that such project was developed by the computer. In short this word is the general term for high technology things.

Automated is the which already in used since then. Comes from the root word auto a Greek word for self. This connotes of something Continue reading