The words used in computer terms are really different to the common terms. We combined most of the terms creating a new meaning from it. We get the first syllable and pair it with the next word syllable. I have here the list of some terms which we usually utter taken from some reliable sources..

Computer Terms

Technophobia – (TECHNOlogy PHOBIA) is the fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers.

Netiquette – (NETwork etIQUETTE) a portmanteau of “network etiquette”, is a set of social conventions that facilitate interaction over networks, ranging from Usenet and mailing lists to blogs and forums.

Emoticon – (EMOTion ICON) a group of symbols used to indicate emotions in email or newsgroups.

WiFi – (WIreless FIdelity) a method of connecting computers together in a network without cables, using small transmitter/receivers connected to ordinary PCs, printers, broadband modems etc.

MP3 – (MPeg-1 audio layer 3) a very popular standard for compressing audio and particularly music files down to a reasonable size with little or no perceptible loss of quality, and the files created using it – “an MP3″ is an audio file.

And for Electronic terms it usually start with the letter E.. Such as E-book (electronic book), E-load (electronic load), E-zine (Electronic Magazine and I am suggesting this word: E-terms… short for Electronic terminologies instead of computer terms??? What Can you say??? Is it suitable???