Technology means modern.. innovative.. fast…safe….wireless.. .accessible.. in short electronic. Innovation is present as computer generation invade the whole world. Such, different terms had been influenced to connote an advancement in technology. The word ELECTRONIC or the letter “E” was add as a prefix on the usual terms that requires innovation in motion. This has been accepted since the birth of computers. Take a look at the the first set of ELECTRONIC items produced today:

E-book — this is a downloadable  book made for your reference.. this reference material are very important for everyday. Usually in the form of .pdf file.

E-ticket — ticket processed online… the instant capacity of this material is important since accessibility is just on your desktop. Clicking there and here will provide you a ticket for plane or other mode of transportation..

E-load — this is the most common poster found in different stores in the Philippines. Why? Prepaid account is avail trough wireless connection.

E-cheque — process through the use of computer. The ability to purchase this cheque is availed through the used of the next items we present.

E-money — intangible asset is used now a days.. Only numbers signifies the amount of your budget, money or account remains. The use of this term is valuable for those rich men. Safety is the requirement.

E-card — no need for papers and other documentation. the 3.14 in size card is ready to provide with everything.