“Working electronically deserves tangible prizes!” In my craziest thought, I came up with this idea… I’ve been watching several awards night throtrophies 1ugh television and read some of the magazines wanted to know who are the winners… What if we will have it in our company? Hahahah Prizes for labor, loyalty and characteristics… Hmmmm VA.. as in Virtual Awards… Who knows it might be you??? Why not? VAT inc is composed of knowledgeable, humble and well rounded employees.. Probably we can start on these awards …

Virtual Assigned Awardees:

  1. Multi-Tasker Awardee! – anybody whose duty are in-lined with General Task. Be one of us..
  2. SEO King Awardee! – the nominees are under search Engine Optimization task…
  3. WWWebmaster Awardee! – only those website developer are capable to be nominated…
  4. Best Receptionist Awardee! – you know who you are and your task, as receptionist welcome to this arena.
  5. Chief Writer Awardee! – only those with capacity to make their readers cry, laugh, believe etc.. are prohibited.


On top of these minor prizes are Admin’s Choice Awardees:

  • Project Manager’s Choice – is chosen by the project manager(s).
  • Manager’s Choice – is chosen by the manager.
  • President’s Choice – is chosen by the president.

The First Prize is trip abroad for 2 plus throphie … (tantananan….)

the Virtual Assistant Awardee of the Year!

Electronically we are the first in history only at VIRTUAL ASSISTANT TECHNOLOGIES INC! We maybe working virtually present but those with stunning performance deserve unstoppoble reward. Only here at VAT Inc! We are dedicated to support business solution with human touch…