Ohh… Time flies so fast that I didn’t even notice that I have already stayed here at Virtual Assistant Technologies Inc, for more than a year. November 10, 2008 is a date to remember ‘cause it commemorates my anniversary engaging in this on-line, computerized & electronic duties.

It’s so nice to know that I am still here enjoying my work serving my clients off shore and coping up with the company’s standard. If I’ll look back the night when I first entered in this company, I can’t even describe how I felt. It’s like mix emotions of happiness, butterflies on my stomach, scared…etc. It was around 7:30PM PST when I entered the door and I was delighted to see a very peaceful & convenient office which was really different from the former company. Happy, since I found new job. Nervous, for I will engage in this stuff knowing, that I was an inexperienced or inexpert in this field. What I had were
just basic knowledge and attitude towards my work. But I felt so relive and confident after the manager oriented us about our task. And I told to my self, I should not be discouraged nor put down. The first four months was the test period. I really felt nervous during this stage knowing that I’m under the trial period, no experience nor expertise. Then fortunately I passed these trial months without even knowing what I did. I mean, what I only knew was that I was conforming with the company’s rules & regulation and following everything they’ve said for I know I will benefit from it. After that, here comes the 3 months of probationary period. This is the time where I need to show what I’ve got from the training, exams & tasks plus a little experience, I think. Glad to know that I also got client which helped me a lot in showing what I had.

Seven months have passed and the final verdict revealed. I was happier this time since I passed all the pre-periods before regularization. The good thing was that a new client asked for my service and until now I was still serving him up to the best of my abilities. Now I can say that I’ve gained a little experience for a short time I’ve spent here. But in this kind of work the best way to hold on is to stay positive always, more patient, being fast learner and able to abreast the fast pace of technology. Above all, know where to stand and abide with company’s regulations.

“Please allow me to say thank you to Mr. Donnely and the entire staff of VAT Inc – USA. The VAT INC Team here in the Philippines headed by Miss H & Miss V., for entrusting my capacity. Glad to know you all. To my fellow VA’s, let’s continue to show a different level of performance and let’s hit the mark!” (Excerpt from my speech the day you awarded me as employee of the month).

For almost a year of staying here I really engage myself with electronics; on-line, computerized & automatic things which traverse the whole world. Intangible yet dedicated to internet business solutions.