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School is Work and Vice Versa

Working here at Virtual Assistant Technologies Inc. is somewhat like during my college days where in I encountered problems and critical situation but still continued to hold on. During this moment I relied on the principles or guidelines that I established during the series of failures or adversaries. Until now these are the principles which helped me at the moment I needed something to hold on to.

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Handling Risks in Work

Life is a battle, therefore it is a risk… Every actions has its consequences. Risk is normal in our lives if you don’t risk you will not win. You will not get something. Life becomes boring. Life is nothing. There’s an excitement in every risk. A reason why all of us love to take risk. Like in career we always go for what we want. We know it a risk but then we need to try i order to know the after effect. Becoming prepare action is the best thing to do if you’re a taking a risk. Here’s my advice:

1. Take Dreams seriously.
You just have to believe in your own ability and make your dreams come true. Use it as fresh start.

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The present technology gives us the freedom to do everything that we want. Communication, information & everything are just at the tip of our fingertips even temptation. This availability makes life more convenient which sometimes lead men for being inconsiderate and impolite. As rational being, according to Maslow, let’s put ourselves to others and think the best thing for them. We can decide according to want we want but let’s consider others. The next few points will somehow encourage you to make your self a better person amidst the temptation that surrounds you especially gadget that within your hand. I mean cell phone or mobile phone that always on your side. Consider the following suggestions:

1. Avoid taking or making a phone call when or where you may disturb others. Put it on a silent mode or turn it off if necessary.

2. When you are in a face-to-face conversations, avoid letting your phone disrupt you unless it is important.
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