The present technology gives us the freedom to do everything that we want. Communication, information & everything are just at the tip of our fingertips even temptation. This availability makes life more convenient which sometimes lead men for being inconsiderate and impolite. As rational being, according to Maslow, let’s put ourselves to others and think the best thing for them. We can decide according to want we want but let’s consider others. The next few points will somehow encourage you to make your self a better person amidst the temptation that surrounds you especially gadget that within your hand. I mean cell phone or mobile phone that always on your side. Consider the following suggestions:

1. Avoid taking or making a phone call when or where you may disturb others. Put it on a silent mode or turn it off if necessary.

2. When you are in a face-to-face conversations, avoid letting your phone disrupt you unless it is important.

3. When you are talking on the phone give the person you are speaking a 100% of your attention.

4. Avoid taking someones picture with your cellphone if this may be impolite or embarrassing to the individual. As much as possible ask a permission.

5. Resist the temptation to forward every “interesting” messages your received. The recipient may not appreciate it.

6. Mobile phones are made to make people lives more convenient and for purposive . Avoid using your phone in a malicious or improper behavior which sometimes may ruins other life.

7. As much as you can, always reply or answer the messages & calls you receives. This is a good way to acknowledge people who sent or called you.

7. Avoid texting or answering a phone call when you are driving a car to avoid accident.

Technology are at one side helping us in our daily needs. It is on us on how we use the resources. As rational being we are prone to temptation but we can redeem ourselves by following netiquettes applied in this industry.

NETIQUETTES – computer jargon, which mean network etiquettes.