Do you know the meaning of BPO? Or you think that BPO is only “Call Center”?

A lot of people always use the word “BPO” in their conversation without knowing its real meaning.  Others have only one connotation for BPO which is a “call center”.  These are some of the misunderstood words today in the advent of this type of industry.  Latest terms have been created and used in today’s computer generation.  Join me as we tackle this word in our BPO 101.

“BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business functions (or process) to a third-party service provider” according to wikipedia.  Outsourcing is the root word which means to get from someone outside.  Nearsourcing and offsourcing are the two types of outsourcing which only differ in location.  The first one is term being used for these companies nearby while the latter is the term for companies which are oceans away.  Technology is the bridge for this two entities that make the operations continue.  BPO companies vary according to the type of service that they offer.

  • The most common type of BPO company is a “call center” or “contact center”.
  • Another common one is the Legal or Medical Transcriptionist.
  • Data Entry services is also one of the most in demand type of BPO company.
  • Other services which needs to be outsourced are Logistics, Accounting, and Finance.
  • Don’t forget on the list are the Software Development & Animation.
  • Web Maintenance/Development & SEO is one of the modern type of services that increase its demand in outsourcing industry.

With BPO, thousands of jobs have been offered because of high demand due to financial  crises. Business Process Outsourcing company helps those companies survive which need to cut their costs on manpower, equipment, training etc.. Try to imagine a corporation which outsources all their business processes?