A few lines can be brighten a day, motivate a co-worker and sometimes change a life. Simple note as they said will make difference to somebody as long as it really strikes to the ego of a listener or a reader. These lines may be obsolete to you but it matters. Take note it’s the thought that counts, and perhaps these lines will forever be lines if you doesn’t go deep to the the meaning of it.

What does it take to write letters or short notes that lift spirits and warm hearts? Only unselfish eyes and a willingness to express our appreciation. The most successful practitioners include the gout “S’s” of effective note writing:

1. It must be sincere. — Choice words coming directly from you.
2. it is usually short. — Speak in two to three sentences.
3. They are specific. — Serving the real purpose for whom and why you sent it.
4. It must be spontaneous — Be sure that message will linger in their hearts.
5. Be strong. — Being outspoken, you need to deliver these in a strong will and enough confident.

Simple tips for daily living.