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Happy to know that the company has now double shift.  And for the benefit of all, we just started the day shift with 6 employees. Teray, Jan, Reggie, Roland, Jigz were the first set to experienced a normal shift.  Envy those who are still on the graveyard shift! Especially me…
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The Lutong Bahay

Day Shift at VIRTUAL? WOW!

Yes! It was confirmed a day shifting will be implemented at VAT Inc.  This is a big step for the management as they wanted be one of the best BPO in Iloilo.  It’s a big risk for them knowing that the company just start up.  But no hold back..

Dayshift Operations Set To Begin May 31st

Have you heard this revised activity? “This will be a modification of the gift-exchanging activity, Kris Cringle. The twist is that, instead of buying a gift for your partner, you will be buying a gift for your partner’s mom, thus the title of this event.” This is only in VAT Inc one way of giving thanks to our dear mothers.

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These past few months the weather was so terrible!!! It’s very hot and it’s not the usual summer anymore. Super and to the maximum level of hot temperature was experienced in the Philippines particularly in Iloilo. Sleeping at daytime is a struggle for all employees who are working at night shift. And being one of these employees, I developed my weird techniques against this phenomena.

1. Sleep under the tree … since this is one the natural phenomenon, solve your problem in natural way… sleep under the the tree (or trees if possible or why not jungle?)… but be sure you watch out from falling debris (such as fruits – e.g coconut -, birds shit, etc.. )

2. Sleep in lodging houses … this had been tried by my colleagues… namely the Threesome Girls (Tita Barbs, Miss Reggie, Miss France)… for only P250 plus presto you are sleeping in a dark cold room… effective as they said…right Ng Reg??? .. you are once again entered in your favorite place but this time with the girls not with the one you dreamed of… (joke)

3. Sleep and switch on your air-condition or electric fan … for those who have air-con unit, I envy you! .. as of the this is the best solution to problem… electric fan could be an alternative but after an hour your electric fan is not fun anymore it become dragon fun… lol… and make sure you have budget for your electric bills

4. Sleep while wearing sun-glasses … wearing sunglasses while on sleep sounds weird right? but if you try this doing alone in your room.. you feel that you’re hot! … hotter than the weather, isn’t it? “fashionista” in the making… sleepy japorms…

5. Sleep in a dark room … we’re not referring to the developing area, we try to create dark room that makes the condition cooler… it’s like having a night time during the sunny day.. be sure to put alarm for yo to wake up since it’s nice to sleep in a dark room esp. at around 6PM.. (then you forgot that you have duty? Ohh my…)

6. Sleep under your bed … if you’re still having problem.. try this number 6… sleeping under your bed is like having a dark room with ceiling? agree??

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“We want to greet a kick-ass birthday to our General Manager, Hyzent Clarin Aurelio! How does Sweet Sixteen feel? ^_^ (hungry)” – From VAs

May 18, 2010 was another special in VAT Inc as Miss Hyzent Aurelio, our dear manager celebrated her birthday together with us (this is now second in the row to celebrate with the VAs- FYI). With all the sacrifices and hectic schedule that she has glad to know that she has still time to celebrate her birthday not only with us but of course to her ever supportive family. Esca’s Garden was the place of celebration.

After the party with the family, our celebrant serves as food to eat during our lunch time. Roasted chicken, pork, bread, soup, and rice were deliciously shared with us. I almost forgot the lemonade and chocolate cake. We are so thankful Miss Hyz for the food and being nice to us.

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Last Friday, May 14, 2010 Mothers TLC or Thoughtful and Loving Card was held in VAT inc. For this month of May, Frances’ group organize a three-way-celebration to commemorate special event for our mothers. And Mommy TLC was recently kicked for a month long celebration. I’m sure this will be another event to remember!

Here is the mechanics of that contest… Each team must design a Mother’s Day card representing the theme and their team’s name. There should be a cover design but may or may not have any design on the inside of the card. As with any other Hallmark card, there is always a message on the inside. Each team member must write a poetic line or sentence, which will be continued by the rest of the team. Writing the message will take place only on the day of submission (May 14th) and the entire message must have one cohesive thought. It may be humorous, romantic, serious, or however your team would like to create the message just as long as it still relates to the theme.

Here’s a special poem for my mom and to all the moms out there… (Medyo kuris… Bilingual pana… FYI?? I made this poem in less than 10 minutes)…

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The VA celebrants are creeping this last two weeks… Sir Joven and Arianne celebrated their Birthday last April 29 while Dax aka “Daxie” just yesterday. I’m glad o be part of them as they celebrated the special day in their lives. Birthday mode in VAT Inc… Happy Birthday! My Wish “hope that all your wish granted”. As a gift in your special day since I’m not allowed to view a music video, here’s a birthday lyrics for the three of you. (Nami tani music perosorry guys youtube was blocked please contact Jerhone):

Beatles : Birthday Lyrics

You say it’s your birthday
It’s my birthday too–yeah
They say it’s your birthday
We’re gonna have a good time
I’m glad it’s your birthday
Happy birthday to you.
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As Virtual Assistant you will experience a hectic schedule serving your clients but despite of it, we still managed to have “lechon” contest at the office.  Yes LECHON!!! April 30, 2010 earthquake couldn’t stop us for our lechon making activity. BTW for the readers who do not know what is lechon here’s how it was defined in wikipedia:  (thanks wikipedia)

Lechón is a pork dish in several regions of the world, most specifically Spain and its former colonial possessions throughout the world. The word lechón  originated from the Spanish term leche  (milk); thus lechón refers to a suckling pig that is roasted. Lechón is a popular cuisine in Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, other Spanish-speaking nations in Latin America, as well as the Philippines in Asia. The dish features a whole roasted pig cooked over charcoal.

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