Last Friday, May 14, 2010 Mothers TLC or Thoughtful and Loving Card was held in VAT inc. For this month of May, Frances’ group organize a three-way-celebration to commemorate special event for our mothers. And Mommy TLC was recently kicked for a month long celebration. I’m sure this will be another event to remember!

Here is the mechanics of that contest… Each team must design a Mother’s Day card representing the theme and their team’s name. There should be a cover design but may or may not have any design on the inside of the card. As with any other Hallmark card, there is always a message on the inside. Each team member must write a poetic line or sentence, which will be continued by the rest of the team. Writing the message will take place only on the day of submission (May 14th) and the entire message must have one cohesive thought. It may be humorous, romantic, serious, or however your team would like to create the message just as long as it still relates to the theme.

Here’s a special poem for my mom and to all the moms out there… (Medyo kuris… Bilingual pana… FYI?? I made this poem in less than 10 minutes)…


To my dear mother…
This is my special offer
With your kindness and care
I love you forever.

To my one and only nanay…
You are my special “alalay”
With all the hardships and sigh
you are the best “kaagapay”

To my loving mom…
A lot of hardships will come
With your touch and warmth
We your children will still calm

To my special mama…
We heard all your drama
We always like your charisma
We will forever be you fanstasia!

Sabi nga nila sa lahat ng chop-chop kayo ang buo
Kaya’t sa amin kayo po ay numero uno..
Nanay, mother, mom, mama.. kahit ano…
Happy mothers to all of you..

We won in that event.. Thanks to my group for helping things out… Why we won? See images below…