“We want to greet a kick-ass birthday to our General Manager, Hyzent Clarin Aurelio! How does Sweet Sixteen feel? ^_^ (hungry)” – From VAs

May 18, 2010 was another special in VAT Inc as Miss Hyzent Aurelio, our dear manager celebrated her birthday together with us (this is now second in the row to celebrate with the VAs- FYI). With all the sacrifices and hectic schedule that she has glad to know that she has still time to celebrate her birthday not only with us but of course to her ever supportive family. Esca’s Garden was the place of celebration.

After the party with the family, our celebrant serves as food to eat during our lunch time. Roasted chicken, pork, bread, soup, and rice were deliciously shared with us. I almost forgot the lemonade and chocolate cake. We are so thankful Miss Hyz for the food and being nice to us.

Another lady to who gave chocos was Miss Teray! This girl had a superb talent in web programming! Soon to be our Senior Webmaster. “Te” as what we called her receives gift from her client fresh from the United States… Toblerone and Hershey’s from Teray’s Client which she also shared with her VA friends… This only proves that she did it very well. The client didn’t hesitate to give her extra these delicious chocolates. We are wishing good luck to Miss Teray and more chocolates to come…