Have you heard this revised activity? “This will be a modification of the gift-exchanging activity, Kris Cringle. The twist is that, instead of buying a gift for your partner, you will be buying a gift for your partner’s mom, thus the title of this event.” This is only in VAT Inc one way of giving thanks to our dear mothers.

BTW talking about exchanged gift, Sheral was the one who received the COO Bonus.  Your so lucky She… Actually I wish that I was the one grabbed that award because if so l will check-in in the pension house. You know… “black out” is always the word of the day. FYI the next days will have more hours of power interruption again. Terrible!!!! Thanks Dan for organizing this one!

COO Bonus – is given to the lucky VA that is pulled from pool of names. In order to be included in this pool of names, a VA must successfully complete a month of perfect attendance*, and correctly clocking-in/clocking-out at times at the beginning of the shift, during breaks and at the end of the shift.