Summer season had just ended and welcome to the month of June. It’s nice to start the rainy season with showering awards…

Employee of the Month of May: Dax Christian Supetran:

Chief-Operations-Officer Bonus: Fredz Zabala

Promotion of the Month: Sir Joven Suobiron

Blogger of the Month:Echo & Maria

Other positive stories we expect for this month are the interior designing of VAT Inc which will be sponsored by the Management Team (aka TeamPLADO). Wedding is the main concept of the designs and black and white will be the motif. We will witnessed how the management can display their crafts for sure it is one of a kind.

A lot of newbies are making names in the office. Their fresh and new ideas are always welcome for the development of VAT INC. Good luck guys and welcome to the group of bears.

Happy to inform you also that the company sponsored event for the quarter is nearly coming… This is one of the most anticipating event for all the VAs. The party fever…