The month of JUNE organizers are all set in designing and creating another fun inside the VAT Inc office.  Why not they are at the management and they are equipped with talents and skills.   Their plan was realized ASAP.  After putting a chandelier like design, the black and white motif solidify the whole company.

Another black and white activity had just started.   The “Profile Yourself Art Contest” just begun and almost all of the employees joined the said event.  With the black and white paper as the base equipment, everybody revealed himself by creating a beautiful craft that would represent themselves.

June 15, 2010 was the last day of submitting the entries.  “Criteria was laid out by the  Judges (the organizer) but with 20% audience vote.  Judging date – June 25 during our cocktail dinner.  Prize – SURPRIzzzEEE!”, according to Miss Van. A lot images had been posted like the caricature of computer, metamorphosis etc..