Before I leave the night shift duty, I would like to thank Nathan for teaching me the basic lessons on Photoshop! He has been using this program for several years and why not this is so effective. Below is the picture I used to execute different lessons.

And of course our topics are:

Blurring – For those with Blurry Eyes One of the first thing I know in ADOBE photoshop is blurring. In this image you can see that the background is blurred and we are the one focused. In this image I used the tool names as “LASSO”. Such a powerful tool that Adobe Photoshop experts always used. Very helpful especially in selecting the desired area of the image. But be sure you have well-controlled hands in order to perfect the exact part you are targeting to.

Cleaning Like a Janitor— Patch Tool in Adobe photoshop is another important tools especially in photo-editing. This will make your images clear, clean and smooth. Looking at the image, you can see that the tissue on top of the table was erased. Patch tool is responsible for this. Still the image is not distorted as if it was still the original image. So try adobe no and enhance your picture.

Open Your Third Eye – How about this? Putting extra sense of sight in the forehead? Hahaha sounds exciting. Using adobe tools such as Patch Tools is one of the most enjoyable task to do. For a beginner like me, patching is easily done but of course it should be proportionate with the picture you are editing to. FYI I did some changes with the picture, like I placed the nose below the mouth, erasing eyebrows. Funny it made me crazy. Normal for a newbie like me? Right

Inserting Tattoo — In this topic, I learned how to clear the background of the image using the “magic Wand” tool. Then I inserted the image to the original picture. As you can see, Winly has a tattoo in his arm! This is one of the nice lesson I’ve learned. Magic Wand is another useful tool in ADOBE. Try it … Its like magic, the tool is very important in enhancing edited images.

Let’s do the LIQUEFACTION – Lastly to end the training with Nat, I do the liquefaction of our faces. It’s funny to look at our images. Click the images and you will see the our real face. We’re ET as in “extra terrestrial” LOL. I did not used any tool for this image, instead the Liquefy function under the FILTER tab the prime reason for this.

I t was a great time spending few lesson from him! Thanks Nat!!! Hopefully next time I can create or enhance images better than what I did. HAHAHAHAH