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Saturday when the VAT Inc basketball team scheduled their game at the Iloilo Sports Complex. Echo, Jan, Derf, Kleven and Resty were among the guys in the office who composed the “Virtual Insanity Team” — LOL — just my codename…

The  Big Question is”Did they won?”

According to the MVP himself Mr. Jan Reinze Jallores.. YES they won.. But they need t sweat out for that game”!


YES! It’s ALIVE Sunday!As in A…L…I…V…E…

A – alert and awake

L – let go

I – interest

V – vibrant

E – efficient / effective / enabling

That was the main topic of our seminar-workshop held at Sol Y mar Resort in Tigbauan.  Our speaker no other than the ever-alive Ma’am LORY , a professor from University of the Philippines.

According to her we must:

1. do things on time…

2. act with urgency…

3. carry small things in office…

4. show affection to others…

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ALIVE is the best word to describe the 2nd Team Building which was hold in Sol Y Mar Resort in Tigbauan! An overnight event which reveled a lot of things!

Welcome to Sol Y Mar a hidden resort in Tigbauan! I’ve been to Tigbuan so many times but I haven’t went to this place. A secret resort which captures “DAN”. Yes! Dan loves the aura and cool breeze of the resort during the night when Dan, Echo, Nate & I observing the waves & wind at the shoreline of the beach.

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Yes! The ASSISTANT is now out…. The Assistant is the official Monthly newsletter of the Virtual Assistant Technology, Inc.  This is the first issue of the e-newsletter produced by the VAs of this company.   The inaugural issue is quite promising as it will reveal some of the happenings in BPO world.  Aside from that a teaser about some of the VA will be featured too..

Another milestone for the company as it is aiming to become globally competitive in providing first class & quality service for business solutions.  The first issue is edited no less the top caliber writers of Virtual Assistant namely Miss Reggie Anoche, Sir Joven Soubiron, Rhea and  PM France Alforque.  Spearheaded by the management namely Miss Van, Miss Hyz, Boss Craig and Boss Dan.  Of course the IT support namely Robe, etc….

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July 24-25 is the date to remember as the Virtual Assistant Technologies, Inc. will invade the Sol y Mar Resort. Sol y Mar is a beach resort in Tigbauan, on the National Highway, about 20 KM west of Iloilo City. You can get there via a Tigbauan, Guimbal or Miagao jeepney or by taxi. Haven’t heard this before? (pareho ta) Let’s have a short review about this place. (BTW I would like to thank my sources for the info. FYI I haven’t gone there so I just got some descriptive analysis about the place:

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Iloilo City turns another year as it celebrates her foundation year Today (July 16, 2010). The beloved city and of course the hometown of Virtual Assistant Tech will preview some images before and today!

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BPOlympics in Iloilo

Just as the UAAP season 73 started,  I figured out that the BPOs could also have the sportas association.  BPOlympics… an imaginative sports association of Iloilo.

Members of this organization should meet the following requirements:

  • BPO companies
  • With at least 40 employees
  • Located in Iloilo

Callbox Raptors

CallBox is a call center provider focused on reducing operational costs across the spectrum of customer contact services. CallBox primary goal is to deliver savings in inbound and outbound calls services to small and medium sized businesses. Since CallBox uses top notch people and leading technology, CallBox offers those savings without sacrifices in customer service levels or sales.

TeleTech Kings

Teletech is a leading global provider of customer management & business process outsourcing solutions. Established in the U.S. 23 years ago, Teletech is Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with a global network that extends across 68 customer management centers in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, & Latin America.

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It’s good to be back on a normal shift!! Yepey… June 5, 2010 was the first day of my dayshift.  I’m so fortunate that the management granted my request to transfer to the day shift after several month. I woke up at exactly 9:00 AM PST and fixed to start my day. After fixing up, I arrived at the office at 10:45 PM because 11 o’lock is out time to log in. The day shifters welcomed us (Donald and I) very well and I really love the shift.

But my first day seemed to be not okay since I have encountered a lot of “agony”…  Why agony?

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The Month of July has just kicked of and Virtual Assistant Tech Inc. is now busy preparing for its upcoming activities! FYI the second TeamBuilding will be schedule for this month and this an activity that everyone is looking for.

Latest activity was laid off at the meeting which had full of surprises. The management also revealed the awardees for the last month:

JUNE Employee of the Month – ERIK DAVID APIN – setting the record as the SEO expert in the company “jong” as we often called him was voted among others ad employee of the month. His talent in search optimization was recognized by this award. He is also one of the pioneer VA. He received a plaque and P1,000.00 cash. Congratulations…

COO Raffle BONUS – Ma. Theresa Taylo
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