It’s good to be back on a normal shift!! Yepey… June 5, 2010 was the first day of my dayshift.  I’m so fortunate that the management granted my request to transfer to the day shift after several month. I woke up at exactly 9:00 AM PST and fixed to start my day. After fixing up, I arrived at the office at 10:45 PM because 11 o’lock is out time to log in. The day shifters welcomed us (Donald and I) very well and I really love the shift.

But my first day seemed to be not okay since I have encountered a lot of “agony”…  Why agony?

  • I left my packed lunch that my mother prepared.
  • We encountered a hot temperature.
  • On my way home, there was no available jeepneys to ride on (good thing there was a taxi going to their home town)
  • A heavy rain stroked us at the middle of the travel.
  • A muddy road welcomed me in our barangay.

But I’m thankful that no harsh thing happen. Unhappy but then I was in safe condition going home despite that my legs were full of mud.