Just as the UAAP season 73 started,  I figured out that the BPOs could also have the sportas association.  BPOlympics… an imaginative sports association of Iloilo.

Members of this organization should meet the following requirements:

  • BPO companies
  • With at least 40 employees
  • Located in Iloilo

Callbox Raptors

CallBox is a call center provider focused on reducing operational costs across the spectrum of customer contact services. CallBox primary goal is to deliver savings in inbound and outbound calls services to small and medium sized businesses. Since CallBox uses top notch people and leading technology, CallBox offers those savings without sacrifices in customer service levels or sales.

TeleTech Kings

Teletech is a leading global provider of customer management & business process outsourcing solutions. Established in the U.S. 23 years ago, Teletech is Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with a global network that extends across 68 customer management centers in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, & Latin America.

VA Roosters

Driven by the question “How can we become more productive?” the team at Virtual Assistant, Inc. is bent on helping their clients implement business systems that can be outsourced. It cuts costs and creates time to grow the business profitably.

Ventus  Connectors

ePLDT Ventus – the Call Center Company of PLDT. ePLDT Ventus provides offshore, cost-effective outsourcing solutions specializing in inbound customer care. A 100% subsidiary of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, the dominant telco solutions provider in the Philippines, ePLDT Ventus is your most viable option for outsourcing customer service solutions in the Philippines.

Transcom Servers

Transcom is a leading global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Credit Management Service (CMS) provider, delivering cost-effective solutions while optimising efficiency and quality for their clients. Transcom also provides CRM consulting, translation and interpretation, and legal services.

GMCI Experts

GMCI USA, LLC is one of the topmost competitive call centers in the Philippines and a leading provider of telecommunication links between business to business, and business to consumers anywhere and anytime in the global market.

Eversun Stars

Savant Skippers

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