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Thank you for the Greetings!

Thanks to all my friends, colleagues, classmates etc.. for all the greetings I received.


No Happy Birthday?

“No Salary = No money!

No money = no birthday!

NO Birthday = no happy!

Therefore I conclude no salary is no happy birthday?”

Happy Birthday Miss Theray!

Thanks sa the food… Lechon… Rice… Coke.. Cake..

Photoshoot Monday!

White is in the highlight! The photo-shoot day continues this Monday! Still we have a a never-ending pictorial.

This is really is it! For the second time I grabbed the COO Bonus award for the month of August.

On that Friday night meeting, we discussed the importance & downside of TEAMWORKPM as our new database, and report documentation tools.

For the August 2010, Argel was the Employee of the Month!
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Memorable Thursday for the Day Shifters as they have pictorial session  together with the Big Bosses at the Four Season Hotel in Delgado St., Iloilo City.

Wacky, photogenic, and very outrages images were captured by the cameras that day.

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