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Our office had just level up!


This is really is it! For the second time I grabbed the COO Bonus award for the month of August.

On that Friday night meeting, we discussed the importance & downside of TEAMWORKPM as our new database, and report documentation tools.

For the August 2010, Argel was the Employee of the Month!
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Filipino rejoices after Miss Venus Raj won 4th Runner-up in the Miss Universe 2010 held at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino.  Filipina beauty once again on top of the 85 candidates in this prestigious competition.

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After the Link Building Team regroup and created its lesson plans, strategies and techniques we finally had our first trainee Jenel. Within a week, we trained him with different LB techniques.  Jan, Richard, Roland, Romeo and I willingly accept the challenge to teach Jenel based on our experienced and the guidelines that we had.  We’re also thankful for Miss Hyz for baking us up.

Here’s last year statistics about the rapid growth of BPO services in our country!

BPO is one of the primary sources of income of our government.  They said this is the reason why Philippines had stable economy despite the crises happened in previous years (of course aside from OFW remittances).  We should be proud since a lot of multinational companies invested in our country.

The key cities of the Philippines are the center of this industry.  Aside from Metro Manila and Manila Cebu, provincial cities such as Iloilo, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Naga, General Santos, & Davao are the next area for BPO compnaies.

Statistics below will provide your additional information about the current standing of BPO Companies.

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Saturday when the VAT Inc basketball team scheduled their game at the Iloilo Sports Complex. Echo, Jan, Derf, Kleven and Resty were among the guys in the office who composed the “Virtual Insanity Team” — LOL — just my codename…

The  Big Question is”Did they won?”

According to the MVP himself Mr. Jan Reinze Jallores.. YES they won.. But they need t sweat out for that game”!

The list of words below are the nominees for the Word of the Year to be added in Filipino dictionary.  The following words are selected based on the impact they made in the Philippine society, culture, politics, and other aspects this past two years.

The nominees are:
1. “jejemon”
2. “unli”
3. “load”
4. “tarpo”
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Happy to know that the company has now double shift.  And for the benefit of all, we just started the day shift with 6 employees. Teray, Jan, Reggie, Roland, Jigz were the first set to experienced a normal shift.  Envy those who are still on the graveyard shift! Especially me…
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