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Last Friday night we had a dinner at Iloilo’s famous Hamburger Shop – THE PIERRE TODD”S!




No Happy Birthday?

“No Salary = No money!

No money = no birthday!

NO Birthday = no happy!

Therefore I conclude no salary is no happy birthday?”

The Assistant:Second Issue

The second monthly newsletter of Virtual Assistant is out!

What’s inside:

  • VAT Inc Second Team Development Outing
  • Part II: Getting Personal
  • Releasing the Power of Garlic
  • Innovation – What Outsourcing Customers Really Wants
  • VA Express
  • w/ Bonus Images!

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The NIGHT was a glamorous event. Some VA’s wear the most beautiful suite for that night affair. The ladies look stunning in their gown, while men are gorgeous with their tuxedos. Who will ever forget Mico on that night? Who looks awesome with his/her “malareyna gown” designed by (not Pitoy Moreno) but himself. According to him his gown was made out of being resourceful. From crown up to the nails.. no one beat Mico’s outfit that night… (What can you say ladies? Agree?)

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YES! It’s ALIVE Sunday!As in A…L…I…V…E…

A – alert and awake

L – let go

I – interest

V – vibrant

E – efficient / effective / enabling

That was the main topic of our seminar-workshop held at Sol Y mar Resort in Tigbauan.  Our speaker no other than the ever-alive Ma’am LORY , a professor from University of the Philippines.

According to her we must:

1. do things on time…

2. act with urgency…

3. carry small things in office…

4. show affection to others…

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Iloilo City turns another year as it celebrates her foundation year Today (July 16, 2010). The beloved city and of course the hometown of Virtual Assistant Tech will preview some images before and today!

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Before I leave the night shift duty, I would like to thank Nathan for teaching me the basic lessons on Photoshop! He has been using this program for several years and why not this is so effective. Below is the picture I used to execute different lessons.

And of course our topics are:
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Happy to know that the company has now double shift.  And for the benefit of all, we just started the day shift with 6 employees. Teray, Jan, Reggie, Roland, Jigz were the first set to experienced a normal shift.  Envy those who are still on the graveyard shift! Especially me…
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These past few months the weather was so terrible!!! It’s very hot and it’s not the usual summer anymore. Super and to the maximum level of hot temperature was experienced in the Philippines particularly in Iloilo. Sleeping at daytime is a struggle for all employees who are working at night shift. And being one of these employees, I developed my weird techniques against this phenomena.

1. Sleep under the tree … since this is one the natural phenomenon, solve your problem in natural way… sleep under the the tree (or trees if possible or why not jungle?)… but be sure you watch out from falling debris (such as fruits – e.g coconut -, birds shit, etc.. )

2. Sleep in lodging houses … this had been tried by my colleagues… namely the Threesome Girls (Tita Barbs, Miss Reggie, Miss France)… for only P250 plus presto you are sleeping in a dark cold room… effective as they said…right Ng Reg??? .. you are once again entered in your favorite place but this time with the girls not with the one you dreamed of… (joke)

3. Sleep and switch on your air-condition or electric fan … for those who have air-con unit, I envy you! .. as of the this is the best solution to problem… electric fan could be an alternative but after an hour your electric fan is not fun anymore it become dragon fun… lol… and make sure you have budget for your electric bills

4. Sleep while wearing sun-glasses … wearing sunglasses while on sleep sounds weird right? but if you try this doing alone in your room.. you feel that you’re hot! … hotter than the weather, isn’t it? “fashionista” in the making… sleepy japorms…

5. Sleep in a dark room … we’re not referring to the developing area, we try to create dark room that makes the condition cooler… it’s like having a night time during the sunny day.. be sure to put alarm for yo to wake up since it’s nice to sleep in a dark room esp. at around 6PM.. (then you forgot that you have duty? Ohh my…)

6. Sleep under your bed … if you’re still having problem.. try this number 6… sleeping under your bed is like having a dark room with ceiling? agree??

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It was indeed a worthwhile activity!

The first VAT Inc Team Development Program was very solidifying event.  We invaded the Anhawan Beach Resort in Oton, Iloilo.

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