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Yes! The ASSISTANT is now out…. The Assistant is the official Monthly newsletter of the Virtual Assistant Technology, Inc.  This is the first issue of the e-newsletter produced by the VAs of this company.   The inaugural issue is quite promising as it will reveal some of the happenings in BPO world.  Aside from that a teaser about some of the VA will be featured too..

Another milestone for the company as it is aiming to become globally competitive in providing first class & quality service for business solutions.  The first issue is edited no less the top caliber writers of Virtual Assistant namely Miss Reggie Anoche, Sir Joven Soubiron, Rhea and  PM France Alforque.  Spearheaded by the management namely Miss Van, Miss Hyz, Boss Craig and Boss Dan.  Of course the IT support namely Robe, etc….

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BPOlympics in Iloilo

Just as the UAAP season 73 started,  I figured out that the BPOs could also have the sportas association.  BPOlympics… an imaginative sports association of Iloilo.

Members of this organization should meet the following requirements:

  • BPO companies
  • With at least 40 employees
  • Located in Iloilo

Callbox Raptors

CallBox is a call center provider focused on reducing operational costs across the spectrum of customer contact services. CallBox primary goal is to deliver savings in inbound and outbound calls services to small and medium sized businesses. Since CallBox uses top notch people and leading technology, CallBox offers those savings without sacrifices in customer service levels or sales.

TeleTech Kings

Teletech is a leading global provider of customer management & business process outsourcing solutions. Established in the U.S. 23 years ago, Teletech is Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with a global network that extends across 68 customer management centers in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, & Latin America.

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Before I leave the night shift duty, I would like to thank Nathan for teaching me the basic lessons on Photoshop! He has been using this program for several years and why not this is so effective. Below is the picture I used to execute different lessons.

And of course our topics are:
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Process Outsourcing is one of the latest trend in business industry.   Base on the research this makes money especially in the country where outsourcing is the prime business.  Philippines for example is one of the countries of the world which benefited a lot the entire nation.

Outsourcing is the last action of the big companies which under recovery of lost.  Financially speaking acquiring a service from this PROCESS OUTSOURCING companies would limit the cost of production specifically in the manpower division.  Process Outsourcing is grouped into different set of companies.  They are primarily based on the nature and services they offered. The most common of them is the  BPO – Business Process Outsourcing which call centers are the prime examples.

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The list of words below are the nominees for the Word of the Year to be added in Filipino dictionary.  The following words are selected based on the impact they made in the Philippine society, culture, politics, and other aspects this past two years.

The nominees are:
1. “jejemon”
2. “unli”
3. “load”
4. “tarpo”
5. “spam” Continue reading

These past few months the weather was so terrible!!! It’s very hot and it’s not the usual summer anymore. Super and to the maximum level of hot temperature was experienced in the Philippines particularly in Iloilo. Sleeping at daytime is a struggle for all employees who are working at night shift. And being one of these employees, I developed my weird techniques against this phenomena.

1. Sleep under the tree … since this is one the natural phenomenon, solve your problem in natural way… sleep under the the tree (or trees if possible or why not jungle?)… but be sure you watch out from falling debris (such as fruits – e.g coconut -, birds shit, etc.. )

2. Sleep in lodging houses … this had been tried by my colleagues… namely the Threesome Girls (Tita Barbs, Miss Reggie, Miss France)… for only P250 plus presto you are sleeping in a dark cold room… effective as they said…right Ng Reg??? .. you are once again entered in your favorite place but this time with the girls not with the one you dreamed of… (joke)

3. Sleep and switch on your air-condition or electric fan … for those who have air-con unit, I envy you! .. as of the this is the best solution to problem… electric fan could be an alternative but after an hour your electric fan is not fun anymore it become dragon fun… lol… and make sure you have budget for your electric bills

4. Sleep while wearing sun-glasses … wearing sunglasses while on sleep sounds weird right? but if you try this doing alone in your room.. you feel that you’re hot! … hotter than the weather, isn’t it? “fashionista” in the making… sleepy japorms…

5. Sleep in a dark room … we’re not referring to the developing area, we try to create dark room that makes the condition cooler… it’s like having a night time during the sunny day.. be sure to put alarm for yo to wake up since it’s nice to sleep in a dark room esp. at around 6PM.. (then you forgot that you have duty? Ohh my…)

6. Sleep under your bed … if you’re still having problem.. try this number 6… sleeping under your bed is like having a dark room with ceiling? agree??

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Team Building & Link Building

Team Building and Link Building are now now of the familiar words in BPO industry.  What’s common in these two is the word “building”.

Power of “5 S’s”

A few lines can be brighten a day, motivate a co-worker and sometimes change a life. Simple note as they said will make difference to somebody as long as it really strikes to the ego of a listener or a reader. These lines may be obsolete to you but it matters. Take note it’s the thought that counts, and perhaps these lines will forever be lines if you doesn’t go deep to the the meaning of it.

What does it take to write letters or short notes that lift spirits and warm hearts? Only unselfish eyes and a willingness to express our appreciation. The most successful practitioners include the gout “S’s” of effective note writing:

1. It must be sincere. — Choice words coming directly from you.
2. it is usually short. — Speak in two to three sentences.
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School is Work and Vice Versa

Working here at Virtual Assistant Technologies Inc. is somewhat like during my college days where in I encountered problems and critical situation but still continued to hold on. During this moment I relied on the principles or guidelines that I established during the series of failures or adversaries. Until now these are the principles which helped me at the moment I needed something to hold on to.

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