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Sir Joven’s Moment

November 2010 employee of the Month goes to Sir joven.. And why not.. He is one of the most hardworking employees here at VAT Inc.

COO bonus was also given to those employees with perfect attendance. How nice…

Sir Craig also spearheaded the meeting as he was able to introduce to us the new employees.



Yes! The ASSISTANT is now out…. The Assistant is the official Monthly newsletter of the Virtual Assistant Technology, Inc.  This is the first issue of the e-newsletter produced by the VAs of this company.   The inaugural issue is quite promising as it will reveal some of the happenings in BPO world.  Aside from that a teaser about some of the VA will be featured too..

Another milestone for the company as it is aiming to become globally competitive in providing first class & quality service for business solutions.  The first issue is edited no less the top caliber writers of Virtual Assistant namely Miss Reggie Anoche, Sir Joven Soubiron, Rhea and  PM France Alforque.  Spearheaded by the management namely Miss Van, Miss Hyz, Boss Craig and Boss Dan.  Of course the IT support namely Robe, etc….

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